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Reaching the unreached in our generation is the vision God has given to Rehoboth Ministries India.


For this to become a reality, we realized that we would need to send out many more pioneer missionaries to begin Church Planting and Discipleship ministry among all the unreached people groups of India.



Our passion is to instill in each missionary the vision to take the Gospel to the unreached, provide on-the-job training through ongoing outreach ministry, give them quality training in the Word of God and prepare them for pioneer work, hardship, persecution, and a life of faith through Jesus.


The School of Church Planting trains national missionaries and pastors to become church planters and lead future churches. 


Upon completion of the course and practical training, each missionary goes to an unreached village and plants a church. 


These men represent first-generation Christians and come from Hindu backgrounds. All are from poor families.  Coming from such backgrounds, they can speak directly from their hearts as they share God’s Word with others. 

Reaching the unreached in India is only possible by empowering the new disciples  to reach their own nation. Our pastor training school and bible school programs equip them with the knowledge and confidence they need to become the future Christian leaders and missionaries India needs. 

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