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July 2022 Update

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8

Traveling Ministry

Recently there have been several opportunities to travel to different locations in our region for trainings, barber and sewing school events and Gospel meetings. Keep reading for specific details of these events.

Sewing School Commencement

Our goal and prayer has been to enter a new community of M*s*l*m peoples through offering sewing classes to the women there. This community is almost completely untouched with the Gospel and is difficult to gain access to.

After communicating with some of the community leaders, God opened the door to launch our first sewing school there. Please be in prayer for the 10 women who will be learning tailoring skills along with the Bible.

*To protect their privacy, we aren't sharing their faces in our update*

Barber School Graduation

Ten men completed a three month training with Barber skills along with Bible study. Some of them are local church members and others from the community, but all in need of sustainable employment.

Through completing the barber training, they now have a skill set that can help them earn a living, and most importantly they are able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their clients while giving shaves and haircuts.

Each graduate received a shaving kit, a pair of scissors, and a chair to get their business up and running. Please pray for them as you view their photos.

Orphanage Ministry

Our students at the orphanage had a wonderful summer break and are now beginning their new academic year. Students here attend classes from MondaySaturday, from either 9 or 10am until 5pm. Some times special classes are conducted on Sundays. Students feel a lot of pressure from school due to the large amount of homework and it's related stress.

Sudheer has been a student in our orphanage since he was in the first grade. He and his brother lost both of their parents when they were very young. He just completed high school and finished his first year of college, where he was the top of his class. This week he started his second year of college. Below is his photo, as he is getting ready to head to class.

Want to help Rehoboth? Here's a few ideas...

  • Set aside specific time in your prayer life to pray that the ministries happening in India will bear fruit of salvation.

  • Choose “Rehoboth Ministries International, Inc. (Cedar Hill, TX)” as your charity on AmazonSmile when you make purchases.

  • Make Rehoboth Ministries International, Inc. your non-profit organization of choice with Kroger Community Rewards Program. To be a part of this, you will need to have a Kroger Rewards Card and register it with Rehoboth Ministries International, Inc. or with the number DJ409.

  • Get together with your small group, family members, close friends, or Sunday School class and "adopt" a church planter, a child from our orphanage, or a woman from our sewing school. You will get updates about how they are doing and your contributions will go to specifically help them.

  • Please contact us with your questions!

  • Pray about what God may be leading you to do.

**One change is being made about online donations, effective sometime in September of this year. RMI will no longer be using the Kindful service. We will save at least $1,200/year with this change and we want to make the very best use of every dollar that is provided toward the ministry. Our website will soon reflect the option to use PayPal only for online donations (either one-time or recurring).**

We are always so thankful for you, as you pray, support, and read our updates. We hope that you are blessed, as you are a part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ spreading in India.

Yours in Christ Jesus, Sastry & Paige Meesala

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