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June 2022 Update

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. Isaiah 40:8

Ministry in North India

Sastry, Raju, and two other ministry partners recently made a trip to Northern India for 2 weeks to conduct ministry trainings. Most of the pastors and leaders who were trained were converts from the Sikh religion.

We were able to train them with basic Christian foundations such as Bible study methods, evangelism, spiritual growth and warfare, leadership, Christian family, and church planting. We conducted trainings in 7 different locations and trained 340 pastors and leaders. They all left the training encouraged, challenged to grow more in the Lord, and motivated to plant more churches in North India. Also, we were able minister some in a region near to the India and Pakistan border.


We have been able to celebrate the baptisms of 8 new believers in our churches. Please pray that as they have now made a very public statement about their faith in Jesus Christ, that they would be strong disciples who are able to disciple others. Please pray for these new believers as you see their photos.

Feeding Ministry

Everyone loves a free meal, and that's no exception in India. In one of the villages near by, Rehoboth has been ministering for 25 + years. Our ministry hosts a meal for the entire village a couple times of year. This is a great way to engage the lost and to let them know about our Church's presence in the village.

Gospel Crusades

Gospel crusades in India are very effective means to gather a group of people and to present the Gospel to them in a variety of ways. The crusades will normally be hosted by a church, the believers will be present to set up the event, to lead in worship, and several pastors will present a Gospel message. These crusades are hosted in the evening time, allowing more people to attend!


Sasi and his younger brother's parents passed away when they were young children. They were left to be raised by their grandmother, and this is when they came to our orphanage. Throughout Sasi's time at our orphanage, he has completed high school and a technical school. Sasi has now moved to a different city in search of a job. Please pray that Sasi's faith would remain with the Lord, that he would find employment, and that God would use him to glorify the Lord.

How You Can Help Rehoboth?

  • Choose “Rehoboth Ministries International, Inc. (Cedar Hill, TX)” as your charity on AmazonSmile when you make purchases.

  • Make Rehoboth Ministries International, Inc. your non-profit organization of choice with Kroger Community Rewards Program. To be a part of this, you will need to have a Kroger Rewards Card and register it with Rehoboth Ministries International, Inc. or with the number DJ409.

  • Get together with your small group, family members, close friends, or Sunday School class and "adopt" a church planter, a child from our orphanage, or a woman from our sewing school. You will get updates about how they are doing and your contributions will go to specifically help them.

  • If you need more information on setting any of this up, please contact us with your questions!

  • Pray about what God may be leading you to do.

Thank you so much for taking time to read (or even just look at the photos!) about what God is doing in India. We are grateful for your love, prayers, and support. We are amazed that God would connect believers around the World in order to accomplish His purposes. May you be blessed as you minister in your sphere of influence!

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