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June 2020 Update: Part Two

Dear Praying friends,

Greetings! I trust you are fine and all is well. We thank you for praying for us and supporting us as we serve God through the Gospel ministry here in India. The Lord is faithful and He continues to use us to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Psalm 130:5
I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I hope.

Churches Reopen:

As you know we have been under nationwide lockdown since March 24th. We were not allowed to meet for worship in person and no ministry activities were allowed during the lockdown. Last week, we were given some relaxation from the lockdown and restrictions. We are now allowed to meet for worship in person.

On Sunday, June 14, we were able to meet for the first time after the lockdown.

We conducted worship services on Sunday in most of the Rehoboth Ministries affiliated churches. We are so happy and encouraged to meet in person for worship after so many days.

Right after the worship service in one of the churches where my father (Pastor Kantharao Meesala) pastors, we held a Baptism service with a limited number of people present. It is such a blessing to baptize this young lady who accepted the Lord as a first generation Christian from a Hindu background.

Here is a photo of the baptism service and my brother Raju baptizing her.

TV Ministry

The Lord continues to bless the preaching of His word through a local television station here in Vuyyuru. As you know, a pre-recorded Gospel message is aired every Sunday from 9:30pm to 10:00pm on a local TV station.

Our half-hour program is called “Suvaartha Sandheshamulu” in Telugu, which means, “Gospel Messages”. We normally begin the program with welcoming words from my father, then I will present the Gospel, and my brother Raju will close the program with an invitation to respond to the Gospel and lead them in a sinner’s prayer.

We continue to hear good feedback and we would like to share three testimonies of how the Lord is blessing the TV ministry.

On Sunday (June 7th), I went to buy chicken for my family. There, I met a person who smiled at me and began talking with me. I did not recognize him but he told me that he was my 10th grade classmate. He told me that he is watching our messages on the TV every week and he has been blessed by our programs.

On Monday (June 8th), a man from whom we buy milk (his name is Ravi) happened to turn on the TV and saw our broadcast. Initially, he did not recognize me as I was preaching and wondered who I was. At the end of the broadcast, my brother gave an invitation and closed the program with a payer. Ravi knows my brother and he was able to connect us. He shared this story with my sister who was collecting milk for my family.

On Tuesday (June 9th), My father and brother went to officiate a wedding in a village. A man, by the name of Pream, came to my father and told him that he has been watching our sermons every week and wants to know more about Jesus.

These are just a few stories of many about the Lord moving in the hearts of people through the television ministry. Please continue to pray that the Lord would use this ministry to touch many. We keep hearing many stories and are able to talk to people about Jesus. This television ministry is helping us to reach many people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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